We provide end to end solutions to bring intelligence to operations by enabling collection, analysis and visualization of real time production, inspection data for shop floors, survey data for marketing & business / product development.

We also take internet of things to a whole new level with its industrial applications gathering and communicating critical in-process, pre-process & post process data to their ultimate applications.


Abhishek Singh
Founder & CEO of Bizician


       We help each other to learn new things and solve problems creatively. Our team philosophy strongly mirrors our business philosophy - that of creating collaboration and symbiosis among all stakeholders so that they can be more and do better together.

       At Bizician, we have team of people with different area of interest that includes technical & non technical things. We share ideas derived from diverse areas of expertise in research & possibly make the decision on bringing it into existence.

       We are an inter-disciplinary team, using our experiences from fields like engineering, data, IOT, Manufacturing, design and business to create an atmosphere where diverse viewpoints come together to create new ideas, stories and experiences for everyone working here. Everyone who is a part of Bizician is encouraged to experiment, create new initiatives and collaborate with interesting folks from other industries.